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Two Months Post-Op

on July 15, 2012

Wow, 2 months ago today I was laying in my semi-private room at Darmouth Hitchcock, very relieved my operation was behind me, but in terrible pain – I was using my morphine pump like you wouldn’t believe.  Fast forward to today, for the FIRST time, I went around – forward – on my exercise bike!  I went around backwards on Thursday at my physical therapy appointment.  My PT told me going around backwards always comes first, going around forward is the hardest.  So I am VERY EXCITED about going around forward.  I can’t wait to tell my PT tomorrow at my appointment.  My range of motion has been slowly improving.  Last week it measured at 96.  (When I hit 90, I almost cried I was so happy.)  I’m hoping to hit 100 this week.

This week I am planning for my borders and punch workshops that are coming up.  I’m also looking forward to my Stamp Club that meets tomorrow night at my friend Sara’s house.  It will be loads of fun!

Thanks for reading!

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