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Borders 101, part IV

Here are some more borders using CM’s border maker, rotary trimmer, and circle punch.  The top one is made with the circle punch, cutting several circles of two different sizes and papers.  I folded them all in half and then did some layering.  Anything goes with this one.  The second border is made with the pennant cartridge to CM’s border maker tool.  I cut 4 different pennant borders, added some detailing with black pen, and placed them any which-way on the base.  I also used CM’s rotary trimmer with the pinking edge and used CM’s Delight paper buttons and flowers to embellish.  Thank you for looking!  🙂

borders9 borders10

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Borders 101 part III


Welcome to 2013!  I hope to post more often to my blog this year.  We shall see….  For today’s post, the border on the left was made using CM’s beautiful Divine paper.  I cut 2 straight strips of different widths, and then used the circle punch to punch 9 circles and taped them behind the strips.  The border on the right was made using CM’s beautiful Reflections paper.  This is my favorite palette right now.  Once again, I cut 2 straight strips of different widths.  The I cut a strip using the tearing tool.  Those pretty flowers and gems are also part of the Reflections palette.  Thank you for looking!

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Borders 101 part II

borders8 borders5

These borders are also made using CM’s border maker.  For the top one, I made 2 scallop stitch borders and had them face each other.  The second one uses the “you & me” cartridge and I put different colors of cardstock behind each saying.  And added some paper ribbon to a brown cardstock border.  The 3rd one is made with a vellum expression, several sunburst punches, paper ribbon, and a wide piece of reflections paper.  And the bottom one is made with 2 wavy borders layered with paper ribbon.  The top photo shows the sunburst punches applied with foam squares to add dimension.  Thank you for looking today!

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Borders 101

This past summer I hosted a Borders 101 class that 4 of my friends attended.  It was the perfect size class.  We had such a good time and were so productive, I’m looking forward to hosting another Borders class just as soon as I’m back on my feet!  I made some of these borders as gifts for my nieces who scrapbook, I hope they like them!  I used CM’s border maker system with the wavy, double heart, and scallop stitch cartridges.  One pic is taken on an angle to show how I used CM’s foam squares to give the heart border some dimension.  Thank you for looking!

borders1 borders


Mojo Monday 10/15/12

Today’s Mojo post is not a layout – it’s a picture of a board I’ve made with CM’s border maker cartridges.  I love the border maker, and am happy to share the possibilities it has.  And coming in the next month, are two new cartridges:  the ZigZag Diamond cartridge and the Diamond Chain cartridge.  Thank you for looking!

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Mojo Monday 10/8/12

Today’s Mojo Monday post fits the bill because I loooooooooooove CM’s border maker cartridge and for this post I used the brand spankin’ new Twinkle Cartridge in the border maker.  And I used the Evergreen Cartridge on one half of this two-page spread.  I was taking an on-line sketch class and the sketches were all two-page spreads; so I had to scrapbook two different events, and somehow match them up because I didn’t have enough photos for a two-pager.  (Am I rambling on?)  Anyway, I enjoyed this sketch.  Thank you for looking!

Sketch courtesy of Amanda Bay, Feeling Scrappy


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Warmhearted Wednesday 9/26/12

Today’s Warmhearted Wednesday post warms my heart because it’s about my 3 favorite dogs in the world… my Molly & my two granddogs Lemon and Desmond.  This was pretty easy to do, it’s another sketch from the online sketch class I’m taking.  I used CM’s Mediteranean paper and rotary trimmer for the strips.  And added some CM stickers to finish it.  Thank you for looking.

Sketch courtesy of Feeling Scrappy, Jayne Jones

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Warmhearted Wednesday 7/25/12

64 years ago today, my Mom & Dad were married.  My Dad passed away in 2000, so I’ll be visiting the cemetary today with my Mom.  In honor of this day, here’s a layout I did a few years ago …

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Favorites Friday

Happy Friday!  Here’s my first favorites post:

Anyone who knows me knows that Disney World is one of my favorite places to be.   The rotary trimmer and square punch with lots of different green papers make this layout super easy.  I also matted the photos to complete the page.  Thanks for looking.

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Thankful Thursday

Today’s Thankful Thursday layout is a layout that shows my Mom enjoying life.  I am so thankful for a Mom who embraces life;  always tries to find the positives; and absolutely loves people.

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