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Two Months Post-Op

Wow, 2 months ago today I was laying in my semi-private room at Darmouth Hitchcock, very relieved my operation was behind me, but in terrible pain – I was using my morphine pump like you wouldn’t believe.  Fast forward to today, for the FIRST time, I went around – forward – on my exercise bike!  I went around backwards on Thursday at my physical therapy appointment.  My PT told me going around backwards always comes first, going around forward is the hardest.  So I am VERY EXCITED about going around forward.  I can’t wait to tell my PT tomorrow at my appointment.  My range of motion has been slowly improving.  Last week it measured at 96.  (When I hit 90, I almost cried I was so happy.)  I’m hoping to hit 100 this week.

This week I am planning for my borders and punch workshops that are coming up.  I’m also looking forward to my Stamp Club that meets tomorrow night at my friend Sara’s house.  It will be loads of fun!

Thanks for reading!

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One Month Post-Op

Today, for the first time I walked a lap at the track – 1/4 mile.  I want so badly to be able to bend my knee, but my range of motion is only at 77, so I’m fighting discouragement.  But, it’s another beautiful day, so you won’t hear me complaining!  I am itching to schedule some border workshops, some punch workshops, and will probably do that today.  I need to get back downstairs to my scrap room.  On Monday evening, the stamp club I belong to will be meeting at my house – in that scrap room – so I am excited to have my friend Sara here showing us the 2 cards she came up with for us to do this month.  Sara has inspired me to try a scrap club — I think I’ve got all the details figured out, so I hope to finalize that up today too.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you have an awesome weekend!


I love cards

I promised the other day to post a picture of all the cards I’ve received since I had my knee replacement surgery.  I am so thankful I have such thoughtful family and friends.

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My Plan

OK, my plan for my blog is to blog the following:  (are you following me?  LOL)

Mondays will be Mojo Monday

Tuesdays will be Tools Tuesday

Wednesdays will be Warmhearted Wednesday

Thursdays will be Thankful Thursday

Fridays will be Favorites Friday

So, I will try to have at least one post with the theme for that day.  We shall see how I do ….


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Happy Birthday Chris – He’s my heart & soul

I became a Mom 29 years ago today, at 9:00 PM precisely, to my son Christopher.  It was all I ever wanted – to be a Mom.  It’s so hard to believe that it was 29 years ago; although in some ways, it does seem like forever ago.  June 6 will always be a happy, happy day to me – the best day of my life.

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Knee Replacement Update

You might be wondering why I’m posting so much the last few days.  Well, it’s because I’m recovering from my surgery that was 3 weeks ago today.  I read in the literature they gave us at our joint replacement class before surgery that 3 weeks out you could find yourself depressed.  Well, they sure know their stuff, because I’ve been trying to keep busy mentally with this blog because I’m struggling mentally (& physically) over my knee.  Gosh, I’m sick of this, and I want it better and I want my life back.  I feel sad and worn out; so I’m going to try to get a really good night’s sleep tonight, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  I have so many friends and family that have sent me cards, tomorrow I’m going to post a picture of all the cards I’ve received.  Things could be so much worse, I really have no business feeling down.

Great results cannot be achieved at once; and we must be satisfied to advance in life as we walk, step by step. 


Memory Board

I did this memory board of my brother Mark last year, with the help of my sister-in-law Mary.  We scrapbookers have to remember that scrapbooking takes many forms.  Mark’s wife, Pat,  loved this and has told me it means the world to her.  I was glad it brought her some measure of comfort.  Love and miss you Mark.


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Acknowledgement Card

I made this acknowledgement card for my Mom to send out after we lost my brother Mark last year.  I knew I wanted to make something as an honor to Mark, and I was proud of what I came up with.  The poem is printed on vellum, and was written by my Great-Grandfather who passed away in 1980 at the age of 107.   I also used the same card for myself to send to out to friends who had done something for me.  The only difference was I taped down the picture that is to the right above, inside the card.  I wanted a happy moment in this very sad card.

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A good thing to remember

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to scrapbooking!

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Mom & Peonies = a great combination

My Mom picked these from my yard for me to enjoy while recovering.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  And they smell so good too.  Love you Mom!

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