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Scrapbook Weekend Coming Soon

33 days to go!!! If you want an awesome weekend, sign up today! See my last post for details……

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Mountain Meadows Lodge Croptoberfest Scrapbooking 5-Day Weekend!

You are invited to the Fall Scrapbooking Event at Mountain Meadows Lodge in Killington, Vermont. Here are the details:

Wed, Oct 22 to Sun, Oct 26, 2014

5 Day, 4 Night Weekend, 3:00 pm Wed to 3:00 pm Sun
$350 person, double or triple occupancy includes:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Friday & Saturday
Breakfast & Lunch Thurs
Breakfast Sunday
(Dinner Wed & Thurs available, add $50)

4 Day, 3 Night Weekend, 3:00 pm Thurs to 3:00 pm Sun
$300 person, double or triple occupancy includes:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Friday & Saturday
Breakfast Sunday
(Dinner Thurs available, add $25)

3 Day, 2 Night Weekend, 3:00 pm Fri to 3:00 pm Sun
$250 per person, double or triple occupancy includes:
Dinner Friday night
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Saturday
Breakfast Sunday

One Night Only:
$125 per person, double or triple occupancy includes:
includes dinner & breakfast

Single Occupancy Rates +$100
Daytime only options:
Friday, 10am – 10pm, includes lunch & dinner, $75
Saturday, 10am – 10pm, includes lunch & dinner, $75

Please contact Mountain Meadows at 802-775-1010 to reserve your room!

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Pirates Party Kit For Sale

Pirates Party Kit for sale includes:

8 Eye Patches
8 Treasure Chests
8 invitations & envelopes
Banner 50″ x 8″
24 cupcake toppers

2 Kits available, $30 each.


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Princess Party Kit For Sale

Princess Party Kit for 8 For Sale Includes:

8 Crowns

8 Purses (5″ x 2.75″)

Banner 50″ x 8″

8 invitations & envelopes

24 crown cupcake toppers

$30.00 2 sets available.




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Summery Colors

IMG_20140604_072717_340Today’s post is a card I made for a set of 10 that a customer requested. She didn’t want any greetings on the front and she wanted the insides blank. I love inking edges so decided to ink around the circle. I am going to incorporate this idea into a scrapbook page, which I will post tomorrow. Thank you for looking today!

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Scrapbooking Retreat

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So Thankful for Scrappy Friends

Earlier this month, I heard the news that the new spinoff company of Creative Memories – called Ahni & Zoe – will start selling 12×12 white refills and 12×12 page protectors. While to some people that might sound like a good thing, to me, it is further betrayal by a company that I was fiercely loyal to for 12 years.

Last May when I began to learn of some of the goings-on at CM, I had a feeling that it was the end of something that I didn’t want to say goodbye to. I wanted to believe that CM could hold on, and that the scrapbook supplies I loved would continue for myself and my customers – whom I also call my friends. But educating myself meant that I had to face reality. The Company that I represented was mired in debt and had made bad, and in some cases, unethical decisions.

I knew pretty quickly that I was through with CM. I helped my friends buy the supplies they felt they needed to finish any projects they hadn’t completed. I bought what I felt I needed. Even though CM had made me angry, I loved their quality products. There was this very tiny part of me that thought maybe if they did great their last few months, they could pay off their debts and start fresh. That tiny part of me was very naïve. They didn’t even come close to paying off their debt even though they brought in an enormous amount of money.

During July through October, I listened to their conference calls telling us that a great new company would emerge. Thank God for a facebook group I belonged to, called Hope But Plan. I would listen to CM’s calls, while posting to HBPs “Peanut Gallery”, as we affectionately called it. HBP was started by a CM consultant from Alabama who couldn’t stand the dishonesty and who was committed to sharing all the Court documents – public material – with any consultant who wanted to know what was going on. She wanted a place for CM consultants to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. The worst being that the CM we knew and loved was not going to recover from its second bankruptcy in five years.

In this group, I met the most amazing women. Women that CM turned its back on. Incredibly intelligent women. Witty women. Women that had so much going for them, I couldn’t believe what CM was throwing away.

In the Hope But Plan group, reading between the lines was allowed. Venting was allowed. But we couldn’t vent about the venting. There were other rules, but the bottom line was for us to have a safe place to air our opinions without the fear of retribution. We had to be kind to each other, even if we didn’t agree with each other.

I learned from the documents that HBP provided us that CM owes the Make-a-Wish Foundation money. The products that CM sold for the last several years that were designated Make-A-Wish items, promised that a portion of proceeds would go to Make-A-Wish. To this day, CM has not honored this.

CM has created a Facebook page for Ahni & Zoe. Just this week, there was a post on how they support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It is beyond belief to me how they can say something like this, when their bankruptcy papers state that they owe MAW tens of thousands of dollars.

I am hoping that by posting this to my blog, that I will stop feeling disappointed in myself for representing such an unethical Company. And it’s time to be thankful. I’m thankful to CM because I found a wonderful, meaningful hobby that I love, and I have met the dearest friends through this hobby. Thank you my friends!


Vermont Scrapbooking Retreats

There is a new facebook page that I would love everyone to LIKE. It is called:

Vermont Scrapbooking Retreats

I hope to post all kinds of good stuff and fun stuff on it. And if you’ve ever dreamed of a weekend of scrapping at a Vermont Lodge, you definitely need to check it out.

Please, if you are so inclined, go there and LIKE it! I would really appreciate it!

Thank you, have a great weekend!

Jane 🙂

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Scrapping Christmas Cards

For instructions on how I scrapbook my Christmas cards each year, check out this link. Thanks for looking!

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Latest news on my consultant status

As of today, CM’s website is “closed down” and a new one has appeared.  If you are so inclined, take a visit:

The latest official word on CM’s status is this:

Restructuring News

Creative Memories has taken the difficult but necessary step to reorganize our company by filing a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in order to become a more efficient and streamlined organization.

We believe this action will allow us to make the changes necessary to return the company to long-term success in the
direct selling marketplace.

We are as passionate as ever about our mission, and we plan to emerge as a more nimble business, focused on a strategic set of core offerings that help families tell their stories and celebrate their lives through photos.

By November 1, there should be some answers as to what products the new company will be offering.  I am still planning on pursuing a different scrapbook company, but need to wait until I find out more info about my contract with CM.

In the meantime, I am planning to get back here much more often than I have been.  The last several months have been challenging.  I have been busy trying to take care of any customer needs as well as unloading my inventory.  But it is time to get back to the joy of creating pages (and cards too).  And then turning those pages into albums.

Thank you for visiting!

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