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Scrapbook Retreat Fall 2017


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Denim Blues

Today’s layout features CM’s Denim Blues paper pack and embellishments.

I also used the Heart Chain border cartridge to make the large heart.  I made some tiny snips with my scissors to help it take shape.



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Changing Colors

Today’s layout was made with two layers of the CM scallop dots border cartridge.  I also used used the old CM Stork’s Delivery cricut cart for the letters.  Add a bunch of colored dots that my friend Lynn gave to me at our Scrapbook Retreat, and I was happy.



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CM special while supplies last

4 bundles available!

Free cherry blossom punch and/or stylish heart punch. All of the bundles contain 4 “shades of” (10 packs @ $9 each) and 2 patterned paper packs (12 packs @ $9.50).   64 sheets of paper in each bundle total.                                                                        $55 with free punch ($21 value)
Want to check it out?  Go to:
& Click on the “What’s new”


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Spring Scrapbooking Weekend

In 87 days, a group of women will come together in Killington, Vt to scrapbook their memories.  The group changes from time to time, but also has a loyal following.  Whoever does attend ends up being in the midst of a fun, loving, supportive, and amazing bunch, who absolutely love to be spoiled by the Mountain Meadows Lodge crew.   And spoil us they do.  What started out as a 3 day weekend, quickly grew to 4 days, then morphed into 5 days.  So everyone has the option of 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 day.  The cost is set by Mountain Meadows, there is no extra charge by me, so there are no goodie bags or frills from me.  I scrapbook along with everyone else, and we all help each other if opinions or help is needed.  We have a wonderful time.  For rates and more info, please contact me.

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Time to get posting again


Hi, a new year is a good time to get back into the habit of posting to my blog.  And also to my Facebook group; Vermont scrapbooking retreats group; and Pinterest.  So, let’s jump right in.

Here are a few pages from my Christmas card book that I just added 2015 cards to.  So easy and nice mementoes to hang onto.



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What do Scrapbooking, Makeup, Nail Wraps, and Retirement have to do with each other?

For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking ​a lot ​about my direct sales businesses and being retired and how they fit together.
I started working as a waitress for my parents when I was 13.  I continued doing that until I got a “real” job after graduating from college with an associate’s degree.  I went to work for an electric utility.  Turns out it was a great place to work and I have lots to be thankful for.  I got married at 19 and had planned to work 2 or 3 years, and then get pregnant and start my family.  I was going to be a stay-at-home Mom and live “happily ever after”.  Well, it didn’t turn out quite like I’d planned.  I finally had the baby I’d dreamt about at 27.  But my marriage fell apart. I became a single parent pretty quickly and was thankful for the stable job and benefits I had.  Fast forward several years and I found myself at the age of 39 owing a lot on ​my charge cards.  Enter PartyLite, my first experience with direct sales​. It wasn’t easy but I did tons of parties and ended up paying off every last dime on those cards.  What an awesome feeling of accomplishment that was.

About 6 years later, along came a hobby to change my life.  Creative Memories.  I truly thought people were crazy to decorate pages to put pictures on.  I felt it was a success if I got my pictures into an album, nevermind all the hooplah that came with scrapbooking.  Four years before going to my first CM party, my niece Robyn tried to get me into it.  I honestly thought she’d lost her mind.  I looked at her catalog, handed it back, and said “no way”.  But there I found myself, at a CM party surrounded by all kinds of paper and stickers and telling myself that I had a hundred things I ​should be doing at home.  But it was my son’s girlfriend’s mother who had invited me, so I’d politely agreed to go.  She had this crazy idea that we could do an album for our​ kids​ for their high school graduation in June  (this was in April).  The first hour was torture.  But then something strange happened.  It suddenly made sense.  This was fun!  It was meaningful!  I loved it so much I signed up to sell it.  And for the next 2 months, 2 mothers made gorgeous scrapbooks of their kids’ lives, and yes, gave them to their kids the night of their graduation.

I retired from the electric utility in 2011 at the age of 55, thanks to an awesome formula that adds your age to your years of service.  Mine hit the magic number and I said I’m outta here.  I now get a paycheck once a month for not working.  I still wonder how this is even possible.  Some people may take a pension for granted, but not me!  I just feel so grateful and thankful for it!

I was at a Women’s Expo in early April this year and saw all kinds of amazing women representing their companies.  Two jumped out at me:  Younique and Jamberry.  I’ve known the Younique Presenter for years, and it was great watching her having so much fun with her business.  The Jamberry Demo was a cute ball-of-fire who took great joy seeing me go nuts over my sample accent nail wrap she had put on my little finger.  It was an impulsive decision, but I decided to join both companies.  (To be fai​r to myself, I thought I would be helping out: my husband had been laid off 6 months prior, and we had been experiencing the anxiety of job hunting and unemployment.  He’d found work fairly quickly due to it being the Holiday Season; but it was seasonal, so we still kept looking.  We finally thought he’d found the ​right place​ in February, but it turned out that he could never get 40 hours per week.  He would be told there was no work, so it would be 3 days one week, 4 days the next, then 2 days the following.)  So I ​had thought that I could help out by making some extra money.

Turns out it wasn’t a good idea for me to join 2 companies at the same time.  I spent hours upon hours watching videos, reading, learning, taking notes.  And I got stressed out.  And more stressed out.  What had I gotten myself into?  My doctor told me my blood pressure was way up and wondered what was going on with me.  I saw posts about people giving up and I didn’t want anyone thinking I was the type to give up.  And all the reasons listed as to why people give up didn’t apply to me.

​But I knew that this wasn’t working for me.  ​I can’t be involved in these businesses and not give my all.  It’s not in my nature.  I realized I was 59 years old and I was retired and I should be doing what I want to be doing.  I’ve done my time.  When I heard myself telling my Mom I couldn’t do something because I was too busy with my businesses, I asked myself what was the matter with me?  One of the main reasons I wanted to retire early was to be able to spend more time with her.  I’m one of the lucky ones who still has their Mom on this planet with them.  Plus she’s right here in the same town as me and I’m her only child in this town.  Then this past weekend I went to a yard sale with craft items.  I found some counted cross stitch kits and as I was holding the ones I wanted to buy, I said to myself that I really don’t need these because I have some at home that I haven’t done yet.  And then I heard myself say the following words:  “It’s OK, I can get all of them done when I retire.”  What?  Did I really just say that to myself?  That did it.  Time to make some changes.

So, I will happily now become a Jamberry customer not a consultant.  I’ll continue with Younique – very part time – because I have some inventory I’d like to sell and Younique doesn’t charge for your monthly website.  But primarily, I’m going to enjoy the time I can spend with my Mom; I’m going to enjoy getting back to feeling creative by scrapbooking and making cards; I’m going to enjoy going for walks with my Molly.  And I’m really going to enjoy not feeling stressed out.

Thank you Patty & Stephanie.  I couldn’t have asked for better leaders.


Women’s Expo, Rutland VT 4/4/15

Women’s Expo, Godnick Center, this Saturday, 10-4

Here is my table info:
Creative Memories, Dragonfly Craftiness, Handcrafted by Jane

Black & White Power Palette $41.50 value
Stampin Write Markers $28.95 value
Simply Scrapping Snowflake Season $21.95 value
Simply Scrapping For the Record $21.95 value
Let’s Celebrate Designer Cardstock $18.00 value
Leaf Maker $12.50 value
Reflections Paper Ribbon $8.00 value

How to Win Prizes:
You receive one ticket for stopping by & saying hi
You receive another ticket if you take my business card
You receive a third ticket if you get on my mailing list PLUS you receive a handmade greeting card of your choice

Thank you for visiting my table today!


Scrapbooking in Vermont – Join us for our Spring 2015 Weekend!

Spring Scrapbook Weekend
Mountain Meadows Lodge
Mar 18 – Mar 22, 2015

5 Day, 4 Night Weekend, 3:00 pm Wed to 3:00 pm Sun
$370 person, double or triple occupancy includes:
Breakfast Thu – Sun
Lunch & Dinner Friday & Saturday
(Dinner Wed & Thurs available, add $50)

4 Day, 3 Night Weekend, 3:00 pm Thurs to 3:00 pm Sun
$315 person, double or triple occupancy includes:
Breakfast Thu – Sun
Lunch & Dinner Friday & Saturday
(Dinner Thurs available, add $25)

3 Day, 2 Night Weekend, 3:00 pm Fri to 3:00 pm Sun
$260 per person, double or triple occupancy includes:
Dinner Friday night
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Saturday
Breakfast Sunday
One Night Only:
$130 per person, double or triple occupancy includes:
includes dinner & breakfast

Single Occupancy Rates +$100.
Daytime only options:
Friday, 10am – 10pm, includes lunch & dinner,$75
Saturday, 10am – 10pm, includes lunch & dinner, $75

Contact Mountain Meadows at 802-775-1010 today
to make your reservation!

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Mountain Meadows Scrapbook Retreat

Time to get your reservations at Mountain Meadows if you want an awesome long weekend full of great food, laughs, & memories!

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